RFA 2017-2018 Calendar

The list of events and respective dates for the 2017 year.


Investext is a tool used to access equity research. **Note** Can only be accessed with Internet Explorer.
1. Login using your uToronto login ID
2. Search for the target company in the top search bar.
3. Along the top bar click Research -> Company Research.
4. Search in a range for the past 2 years.
5. Check “Remove Non-Broker Research”.
6. (Optional) Check “Initiating Coverage”
7. Click Search.
8. Check all reports that you’d like to view. Click View.


IBISworld is a tool used to access industry specific reports. It is useful in identifying key trends, themes and levers within an industry.

Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is your #1 resource for Canadian Financial News. The sections Report on Business and StreetWise have great articles that are relevant to professional conversation.

The New York Times

The New York Times is an excellent resource for business and global news in general. See The Deal Book for the latest in Investment Banking transactions.

The Economist

The Economist provides news on relevant macroeconomic news, interest rate fluctuations and global trends.

Capital IQ

Capital IQ is a financial data aggregator useful for screening transactions, creating comparables charts and viewing consensus estimates.